About us:

Originally crowd-sourced and independently funded in 2014 in the absence of a local coffee shop, Maeva's Coffee is a community dream come true. Built inside Alton’s historic Milton Schoolhouse, Maeva’s is constructed to embody the exciting collision of culture during the Age of Exploration. The shop is located inside the larger revitalization of the schoolhouse- an ongoing rehab and re-envisioning of a beautiful historic building. 

Maeva's strives to deliver an incredibly unique and eclectic coffee experience, both in flavor and visual appeal. Every little detail in our shop is carefully crafted for a memorable experience- from our coffee (roasted in house) to our style of service. We believe in being able to deliver on every expectation one may have walking into our cafe. Whether you're looking for a casual cup of drip while you wait on your appointment or you made the trip out to grab a bag of coffee and try a pour over- we've got you covered.