The Milton Schoolhouse

opened in 1904 as an elementary school. Countless people walked the halls and made memories here, including the likes of Robert Wadlow- the tallest person in recorded history. Two additions were made on the north and south sides of the original schoolhouse in the 1930s, followed by the addition of the gymnasium in 1937. The school finally closed its doors to students in the summer of 1986.

     In 1990 the owners of Intaglio Levay Glass and Giftware acquired the schoolhouse. Intaglio made a wide variety of art glass, ceramic pieces and other items- much of which can still be seen around the schoolhouse today. The business made the final addition of a large warehouse on the south end of the building in 1993. Five years later, in 1998 the owners closed for business and so began the buildings longest period of dormancy.

     In 2008 the founders of Maeva's Coffee acquired the building and began dreaming of what it's future could look like. In 2013, the schoolhouse opened once again to the public- hosting a handful of small businesses and a year later Maeva's Coffee opened its doors.

      In 2019 the building's current owner took the reins and went hard to work expanding on what makes the Milton Schoolhouse special. Though the building is still a work in progress, every classroom has now been renovated and put to use by people with the same drive and passion as those who walked these halls before us.

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